Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome to the Sustainability Commission!

Barb and I just returned from a week-long training at UVM on Campus Sustainability Leadership.  We learned about the vision, culture, policies, and projects that have been developed to support sustainability on that campus and have renewed focus and energy for Geneseo's Commission that will kick off this summer.

Please take a look at the charges to the commission and start thinking about what and where these initiatives are already happening on campus and where we can make a big impact with small changes.

Below are two quotes from Dr. John Tallmadge, an author and essayist, that sum up both the challenges and the beauty of sustainability:

"Think of sustainability as a type of infinite game in which the goal is not to win (which would end the game), but to keep on playing forever."

"In practical terms, sustainability must always manifest itself in some place with some people; it always has a local, personal flavor.  And because conditions and people change, sustainability always appears dynamic and evolving.  It involves learning and transformation: this is where creativity comes in.  You can't have sustainability without imagination."

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